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Goal setting 101.... Helps you focus on retirement.

How do you set goals?

Today I'm going to teach you all the best way to do it. Before you can focus on saving money and such for retirement, you must be able to set goals.... Goals should be measurable, realistic, and attainable..... What this means is that if you tell yourself "I want to become wealthy", that's not a good goal because you can't really measure it..... besides how do you become "wealthy"....some people might define it as having 2 hundred dollars while others 2 million.

My point is...when you set a has to be something you can include a number.

For example... "I want to become wealthy by the retirement age"....that's a little better. But still not good enough because my retirement age might be different from yours...

"I want to acquire 2 million dollars by the age of 65". That's much better and doable, because now I can keep track of my own progress.

Next when you set goals you want to come up with a plan to get you could say something like "I will set aside 10% of my income every month....until I acquire 2 million dollars which I must achieve before the age of 65." This is much better and if you have something like this you are more likely to reach your goal....

So what goals are you going to set for yourself?

Next you must have written notifications of your goals to remind yourself to stay on track. If you just say I'm going to keep saving 10% every month, by the end of the 3rd year you will have stopped doing so. So make this saying your wallpaper... "Save 10% a month" or post it somewhere where you can constantly remind yourself about it...

I hope my post will help someone achieve their goals today. Thank you......