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Alibaba Ratchets Up Anti-Piracy Noise

Just weeks after hiring a major lobbyist to convince Washington it’s serious about fighting piracy, e-commerce leader Alibaba (NYSE:BABA) is turning up the volume in its campaign with a couple of new announcements about its commitment to combating the problem. The latest of those has seen Alibaba jointly issue an announcement with the Washington-based International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition, reaffirming an earlier tie-up aimed at stamping out the selling of fake products in Alibaba’s popular e-commerce marketplaces.

The other announcement came earlier in the week, and saw Alibaba announce it was strengthening its cooperation with a Chinese organization that fights online copyright infringement. Unfortunately for Alibaba, no one paid too much attention to these 2 announcements, with the result that its renewed anti-piracy blitz wasn’t publicized too much in mainstream media. Read more