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Apple Rumored to Release Three New iPhones Next Year

If you couldn’t find what you were looking for within this year’s lineup of iPhones, you’ll be glad to hear that Apple is rumored to be going all out in 2017 with the release of three new iPhone models. The rumors come courtesy of a Weibo user who has a good track record of predicting iPhone releases, and details the documentation of three models cited as D20, D21 and D22.

D20 and D21 are likely to be incremental “S” upgrades for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus to help Apple maintain market share, but the D22 is anticipated to be the iPhone 8. Codenamed “Ferrari,” this model may feature a brand new design, a bezel-less AMOLED screen, and an A11 chip. Expect the iPhone 8 to be released in September 2017 as per Apple’s yearly release schedule, and in the meantime, read this round-up of the features we expect this new flagship smartphone to sport.