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Cricket Milkshake Available at Wayback Burgers

In the mood for something crunchy? Head over to Wayback Burgers for a cricket milkshake!

The chain, with more than 100 locations nationwide, will be offering an Oreo Mudpie Cricket milkshake beginning next month, with Peruvian chocolate flavored cricket powder listed as one of the ingredients, CNBC reported. However, despite consumer concerns, the cricket are all farm-raised and ground into a fine powder, with no strong taste, according to a company representative. 

"We had it for two hours. There were people lined up to try it," said John Eucalitto, president at Wayback Burgers, according to CNBC

The milkshake initially started out as an April Fools joke, however, increased in popularity over time as customers requested the buggy beverage. Wayback Burgers is also offering a Jerky Milkshake, complete with maple syrup, barbecue sauce, hickory spice and Slim Jims.  

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