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Easy approach to trading

In the very beginning I was thinking only about trading breakeven. Now I cannot even imagine what can be done to lose the whole deposit. It might be the case only if you apply 1:100 margin, but actually you don’t even need it – I earned enough money to buy new car in two months easily, just making trades every day. Even with 1% margin it’s really difficult to lose the whole deposit if you follow the basic risk-management rules and stick to your trading strategy. I personally have two rules: 1) trade only with the trend and 2) wait for the most advantageous moments to enter the market. As long as you follow these 2 points and don’t chase the profit – you’ll succeed! I make about $2500 a month on FOREX, and that’s quite enough for me. It happened only once when I managed to earn $350 with a single trade. Besides, I am trading with WhoTrades – here it’s much easier to make money than with any other broker: there are tight spreads, streaming quotes and no swaps. I’ve tried out several brokerage firms before I finally came across WhoTrades, and I can say that they provide the best trading conditions being a reliable company.