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What happened when I spent a week with an AI voice assistant in my head

"You look creepy, imagine going out with that in," a colleague remarked to me. It was a great start to my week wearing Sony's Xperia Ear device, a tiny headset that sits in your ear and connects wirelessly to a smartphone.

The Xperia Ear contains a smart voice assistant inside it that can carry out tasks such as texting a person or telling you what's on your schedule for the day. A user has to tap the earpiece and then just speak.

In fairness, it was great at picking up my voice the first time and getting things right, which isn't always the case with other voice assistants. But once it recognized the voice, it took a long time to process it and give a response. I asked it to call a colleague and by the time I'd said the name and which number to call, I could have easily got my phone out and dialed.

The call quality was good however and the advantage was that I had my hands free to do other things like type on my computer or use my phone. Another...