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Out Fox The $treet: February 20, 2018

Stocks to watch after the extended holiday:

NXP Semi. (NXPI) - the reports suggest Qualcomm (QCOM) is on the verge of increasing the offer for NXP Semi to the mid-$120s. The deal remains very accretive at those levels so expect NXP Semi to jump Tuesday, but buy Qualcomm on any weakness. 

Glu Mobile (GLUU) - the mobile-game developer stock has rebounded towards $4 as the stock trades at an incredible low EV/S multiple of 1.3 for a company headed towards producing solid cash flows. The market was too focused on the Taylor Swift app while an opportunity exists in Glu Mobile producing a hit game that would send the stock soaring. 

Novavax (NVAX) - the small vaccine company expects to release the Phase 1/2 data package for the NanoFlu vaccine. Investors should expect solid results and the company will hype the full vaccine after a brutal season, but the key is to pay attention to the details of how Novavax gets the vaccine to the market. Investors should note how the company is busy testing a vaccine during a high demand season and not actually selling the vaccine. Sell any rip. 

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Disclosure: Long QCOM, GLUU