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Pivot Point indicator

Based on my trading style that is Day trading, I use the Pivot Points indicator which alerts me to a higher probability trading opportunities, facilitating a fast and easy execution of trades thus improving my trading results.

What is the Pivot Point indicator?

Pivots Points are significant levels that technical analysts can use to determine directional movement, support and resistance.  The Pivot Points are considered as predictive or leading indicators and are based on mathematical formula therefore removing any trader emotions about that resistance or support levels.

There are at least five different versions of Pivot Points. I use the classic version but there are Woodie’s, DeMark’s, Camarilla and Fibonacci Pivot Points.

Where can I get the Pivot Point indicator?

ActivTrades has a great offer of trading tools, from a simple to more complex ones that gives you the ability to excel in your trading.

I strongly recommended and for those interested in having such a tool just click here.