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PIPjet Forex EA Robot Launched - by Forex Megadroid Team

Visit: http://www.pipjet.co.cc/
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 Pip Jet is a Brand New Forex Trading Software created by The Forex Megadroid Team.Pip Jet is a Scalper EA which trades 4 Secret Currency Pairs - ”Gold Rush” Pairs for Automated Forex Traders. PipJet is not just a forex robot with fancy sales pitch and photoshoped screenshots.It was tested on 5 real accounts for last 2 years and the result was incredible – over 40,000+ profit and only 3 negative trades and less draw down.

Pip Jet is an unique trading software developed for automated forex trading.you can also call it“Forex Robot” or “Forex Trading EA”. Pip Jet Can Trade up-to 4 Currency Pairs including “USD/CAD”. It’s a Scalper EA so you can expect quick profits when other trading robots requirewaiting 10-20 days to exit a trade and most of the time they hit the stop loss. You can expect 10-20 pips profit per trade by using Pip Jet EA.  

The Currency Pair Discovery Megadroid team discovered few currency pairs which has high volume,less noise , high accuracy , clear patterns and less broker interference. So those currency pairs were tagged as “Gold Rush” Pairs.They managed to create automated trading solution for those pairs and trying tochange how theautomated trading industry works– with real trading proofs and no marketing hypes.  

After 3 years were finally getting to unveil the most BRUTAL USD/CAD scalper in the world! Why is everyone so excited about PipJet?PipJet is the only robot in existence that trades our own four prongedattack that rips out pips from the market faster and safer than anything else ever created!  

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Visit: http://www.pipjet.co.cc/

View Complete Review Page : http://tinyurl.com/pipjetreviews