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Dash to cash? The selloff may have created bargains in these stocks

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The cash-handling industry is about more than armored trucks — and may have good deals for investors.

The punishing past month for stocks worldwide has sparked a dash to cash. It also may have helped create bargains in the cash-handling industry, where bulls see an encouraging—and underappreciated—push into higher-end services. The industry’s bread-and-butter for decades has been armored vans that move bags of money from stores to banks, as well as other traditional cash-management offerings. Such services aren’t exactly a high-growth area, given the relentless shift to payments made with a card or mobile app. But cash-handling companies are adapting by selling end-to-end solutions to retailers, along with high-tech safes. In addition, further deal-making and consolidation could help boost returns for the major players’ shareholders.