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The U.S. Economy Has Entered A New Age

Investors, start your engines. The economy looks to have entered a "New Age" in the weeks after the U.S. presidential election and the Dec. 14 Fed interest rate hike, says Craig Laffman, Director, Fixed Income Trading and Syndicate, TD Ameritrade.

Some markets— including the S&P 500—rose into uncharted territory in recent weeks and investors have had a lot to digest. JJ Kinahan, Chief Strategist, TD Ameritrade joined with Laffman and Matthew Sadowsky, Director of Retirement and Annuities at TD Ameritrade to offer perspective on the recent market events, in a post-Fed meeting Market Update webcast moderated by Ben Watson, Investools instructor.

The TD Ameritrade experts covered a broad array of topics and included live chart commentary of the S&P 500, some options tools, the financial and technology sectors, crude oil, gold and more.

On December 14, in a widely anticipated move, the Federal Reserve hiked the federal funds rate up by a quarter point. This marks the first rate increase in 12 months, and it may open the door to a series of rate hikes in 2017. The central bank telegraphed intentions for three rate hikes in 2017, but currently the market is pricing in only two, noted Laffman.

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