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Soundhound Could Be A 'Siri'ous Threat To Nuance

Soundhound is entering the virtual assistant market, after an initial pitch made 10 years ago, and they're looking to take on all comers - and they might just be able to pull off an upset. Soundhound is widely known for being the other "Shazam" app available for your smartphone. Soundhound's app "Soundhound" identifies songs and artists by listening to them. Their technology is even smart enough to identify the song by a user just humming the melody.

Soundhound's virtual assistant, aptly named Hound, is currently in its beta, but even in a beta state it mops the floor with the competition. Hound is reportedly able to recognize words behind heavy accents, answering oddly phrased questions and doing it all at incredibly quick speeds. Read more