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Saving MONEY on food - How you can CUT COSTS on one of the BIGGEST expenses in life!

Hint: it's much easier than you realize!

So you look at your budget and realize, yikes! 7 to 10% of my income this year went to nom nom nom land. Maybe more if you're extravagant!

No worries, here in America at least, we all overeat and spend a load on food.

Today I'm going to teach you some simple tricks to help you save a little more on cutting costs on some of the most useful things in life... fueling our body with energy via the wonderful particles of nutrition. 

Now, one of the most delicious things you can do with your life is to get a Costco or some other wholesale membership. This will allow you to buy in bulk, which is the key to saving. Next you'll want to invest in a decent freezer so you can stock all those extra meat.

Next you'll want to limit the amount of time you shop. Do not go impulse shopping just because you're in the area or stressed! Make a list of things you actually will use within the next week and go buy those things. Limit your shopping to once every one or two weeks. We tend to throw out up to 28% of groceries we buy. Ouchy.

Another fancy smancy trick is to eat before you go shopping. When you're full, you don't buy as much food. Simple math.

Next be careful about promotions like 10 for 10 dollar sales. It sounds catchy but when you check prices on amazon, the items are actually something like 50 cents each. If you want to be super tight, you could even google couples for stores, but don't count on this method.

Another trick can be to frequent one store and become familiar with their items, layouts, and promotions. That way you know when you're being ripped off. Did those delicious cans of tomato soups suddenly triple in price? Then you know to go somewhere else for those.

Don't be lazy! This rule has saved me a lot of money. Instead of buying presliced turkey or pre-chopped onions, buy them in whole and invest in a good cutting knife. It may cost you more that first week but in the long run you will save a lot.

Are you a coffee addict? As much as I look down upon caffeine abusers, I would say that you can even save money on this area. As long as you buy your own coffee machine and not spend 3 bucks on starbucks or dunkin donut, that adds up to almost $500 in savings in a year. Now take that extra $500 and invest it in mutual funds. You'll thank me later.

That's all for today's post folks!

Hope you learned something new.