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Budgeting your Time

Budgeting your Time

“Time is the most valuable coin in your life.” – Carl Sandburg

Is time not truly the most valuable measurement you can conceptualize? After all it’s what we’re truly chasing day in and day out. Time with family, with friends, to ourselves, to participate in hobbies, and discover new experiences; we could all use more of it. As humans, it is our destiny to live as beings toward finitude, and in our very nature to desire what we cannot have.Thus, since we will never get back one second of life, it becomes imperative to make every attempt to ensure that one moment is not wasted. This becomes easier said than done when modern life doesn’t accommodate much time for living in the present. Burdened by making sure the bills are paid, the household is running, and all those little things in between it becomes extremely difficult to make sure we, as humans, get the time to actually enjoy the best of what life has to offer. In today’s day, even the simplest things like going to see the sunset, almost needs to be scheduled.

So the question becomes, how can we return to time well spent? Perhaps the answer lies in the way people treat money. People treat money like time should be regarded. Just like our money is finite, we all have a limited amount of time with which to work.The way, we create budgets for ourselves to prevent over spending, we should do the same with how we allocate time. When in the store and have only $50 to spend on food, if I see something that just NEEDs to come home at my limit, then I have to either say NO or trade out an item. The same attitude should be applied to how one spends their time. For example, I have allotted to do laundry until 3:00pm today.Everything is done at 2:30pm, I could do another load but that means I’ll be doing laundry until at least 3:30pm. What should I do? The answer:Stop! Don’t do the extra load. It’s just not in the budget. Do it tomorrow or some other day. Go and enjoy your life.Do something else and stay within your time budget. It can most likely wait until later, just like that last-minute item at the store.

Just remember you're on a budget the next time you find yourself facing a distraction or something that would jeopardize the time we have in this life.